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Posted on11/14/2019

Created in Switzerland, Aquama® offers an innovative solution for cleaning with electrified water and salt. Thanks to this technology, professionals and individuals benefit from a detergent and disinfectant solution, at a competitive price and without toxicity. A revolution that allows both to limit costs and reduce pollution.


Born in the hospitality sector, Willy Lionel Pomathios began to take an interest in ecology 10 years ago. In 2013, thanks to his collaboration with Aquama® engineers, he created a detergent and disinfectant solution consisting only of water, salt and electricity. Thanks to this hydrolysis process, water is rid of all chemical and toxic substances, a real revolution in the field of cleaning.

100% biodegradable Solution and more effective than Bleach, Aquama® prevents both water pollution and the use of commonly used hazardous products. “My goal is to revolutionize the ecology market by reconciling ecology and economy: I call this econology. In fact, in addition to the ecological interest, developing a cost-effective solution allows to optimize the cost of our customers. Our values are the 3 E: Ecology, Economy and Efficiency,” explains Willy Lionel Pomathios, founder of Aquama®.


With the Geneve Airport as its first customer, Aquama® is now used by a dozen cleaning companies to clean the floors of the buildings and the interior of the planes . The principle? Make available fully connected machines, the Falcon R®, which allows the electrolysis of water. Every year, 48 mega tons of toxic products are released worldwide, outside Africa and outside China. At the Geneva airport alone, the 8 machines implanted allow to replace 15 tons of chemistry. This solution also reduces the costs associated with cleaning: purchases, storage of hazardous products and recycling. Once the machines are installed, the company pays for the litter according to its consumption, at a price of 23 cents Swiss francs per liter line while having the possibility to resell it to its suppliers. A cost-effective option chosen by the Geneva airport to the cleaning companies that operate on the site.


To achieve this technological level, Aquama® has carried out several years of research. The result? Internally controlled technology, flexible and unique on the market. For example, machines are easily updated remotely. To disseminate its innovation to as many people as possible, Aquama® has developed the Freedom®, a small 30 cm machine dedicated to individuals. “Our business customers are more attracted to financial gains, whereas individuals are more sensitive to our environmental impact. Our ambition is to create a true community of users who share our values and can, in the long term, pool machines on a scale, for example, of a neighborhood. To support this approach, we develop a mobile application to map the machines available in a territory and to keep track of consumption. In Switzerland, the brand has attracted big names such as Easyjet, Tesla or Manor as well as 5,000 private customers. In France, more than 1,000 nurseries are now equipped and soon, Aquama® will supply large distributors who wish to offer this service to their customers.

Today, Aquama® assembles a team of 28 people in Switzerland, France and Germany. Its goal is to continue its development internationally, on the American continent, in Africa and in the Middle East. With a satisfaction rate of 99%, Aquama® will soon release a new machine, the Falcon XS, destined for SMEs in France and Italy. To finance its projects, Aquama® is also preparing a fund raising of 5 to 7 million euros in the course of the year 2019. “We all have the ability to change and create econological success. Thanks to solutions like Aquama®, the future becomes a reality ” says Willy Lionel Pomathios.